Noraebang 2014: An Insomniac in Occupy Central

Seoul looked pretty fun but from what I remember, you're just getting started correct? You know it. From Seoul, I was suppose to catch a HK Express flight to Hong Kong but the flight got canceled and I had to buy an emergency flight via Korean Air. Nevertheless, I made it to Hong Kong to …


Noraebang 2014: Enlightenment in Seoul

So what's with the title here? Well, this trip was the best trip I've ever had. Why? Because I experienced pure enlightenment for the very first time. And it was fantastic. We visited a local temple, where I learned a lot about myself through a simple task of coloring. Care to explain? So it seemed …

Noraebang 2014: The Trip

This trip was definitely a 'spur-of-the-moment' trip, bought off of a seat sale. I'm still going through photos but here's a preview of what I've covered the past 2 weeks: A lot of stories to share, many people met, and lots of foodie pics. Stay tuned!