Two things that describes me to a tee:
– An economist by heart.
– A traveling foodie.

That kept you interested? Well…
– I work in Project Management and yes; I like Dilbert.
– My family randomly once drove from Calgary o Portland, just to eat, on a long weekend. Just because.
– Hockey fanatic but a pylon does better than me in goal.
– This blog is how I experience life: through food and meeting new people.

What’s with the name?
This was a nickname that emerged through error. When he was looking me up on Facebook, he misheard my last name and looked for ‘Commando’. It’s a silly thing but after that moment, it stuck. I like it a lot because it tells a lot about the blog: I leave nothing behind and I do whatever I want.

Everything is bare, out in the open.

I was born into a traveling family. Growing up in the Philippines, our family was all over southeast Asia. We then move to Calgary, Alberta, Canada for a higher education and decades later, here I am enjoying the same things I was exposed to.

I’m not afraid to venture out and try new things as that’s how I was raised. I am a spontaneous person when it comes to traveling and not really picky on where I end up. My goal in life to visit as much as I can and be exposed to a multitude of cultures.

I believe that the best way to learn about a country’s culture and traditions are through food. My blog is focused heavily on food and cuisine because it’s the only way for me to have really experienced my travels. I am a firm believer of “you are what you eat.” Until you can easily search up taste buds on the internet, I’ll be flying all over to be indulged.

So if you like food, I hope you enjoy my posts and motivate you to get out once in a while and see the world around you!

I’m on Instagram and Twitter so follow and enjoy my (mis)adventures.
Email: doncommandoyyc@gmail.com


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