Ha. See what I did there? So another Delta flight later, a big trip is coming up and while South Korea wasn’t in my ‘places to visit’ list, you couldn’t beat $500CAD round-trip.

With 10 days under my belt, I’m planning to dedicate 5/10 to Seoul and primarily hitting places that Seoulistic.com has suggested (great website by the way. Thanks, FlyerTalk!).


Also planning to check out the landmarks like the kimchi museum at COEX Mall, the DMZ, and eat the night away at pojangmachas (포장마차) or food carts around Itaewon.

I am a big foodie so my trip will primarily focus around cuisine. The other 5 days will be country hopping to visit friends in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur. Mostly eating again haha.

Fellow travellers, do you have foodie recommendations in Seoul and beyond?



4 Replies to ““Seoul”-Searching!”

  1. Korean food is so delicious and quite a social experience…but if you want a traditional experience, you need to get away from Itaewon. It’s the expat area of Seoul, and while there are great foreign restaurants there, it’s not so “Korean.” I suggest checking out Hongdae, Samcheongdong and Jonggak areas… tons of atmosphere and great restaurants around there. Enjoy your trip! 🙂

    1. Thanks for this Shelley. I’ll actually be staying in Hongdae so this worked out very well! I’ll be taking transit to do sight-seeing but most of the time, I’ll be eating haha. 😀

      – Don

      1. Fantastic! I think Hongdae is a great base for exploring…it’s easy to get around, and there’s so much unique, quirky stuff there…plus most of the tourist worthy sights are north of the river (though if you have time, you should def head south of the river to Gangnam and Sinsa to see “modern” Seoul.) Enjoy!! 🙂

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