#PDX Autumn Foodie Tour: Tesla & Biwa

Second day was meant to relax and enjoy what Portland has to offer: a beautiful landscape during the autumn season.


I love how Portland left the foliage intact and didn’t cut the these beautiful trees down to make way for buildings. Instead, they are part of the landscape blending nature and man together. Calgary’s downtown is great but because of diversity of buildings.

I like Portland’s setup better but that’s just me.

Walking around downtown Portland definitely gives you a ‘hipster’ vibe; Goodwill stores, vintage clothing…




What model EV is this?!

While we stroll around and enjoy the view, I was chatting with my buddy who couldn’t believe we went to Portland for a weekend.

Yes, I know that we drove to eat, which sounds crazy to some people, but this is how our family works. Another thing that we do is randomly going to off-ramps and somehow, we stumbled upon a Tesla showroom(!):

Continuing with the ‘hipster’ theme, Tesla seems to be a seller in Portland (saw a bunch while driving around the city) and oddly enough, in oil-rich Calgary as well.


That chassis…

It’s a big seller not because that Tesla is a snobby way of showing off your commitment to being ‘green’ (which it is), but because it’s a great car for the price you get. For the price of ~$70,000USD, which is in comparison with the big saloon Audi’s, BMW’s, Mercedes, this is a steal at that price tag for what you get. I mean, just look at the technology involved and that interior!


Yes, you’ll bitch about the range but it’s new technology so it’ll take time to get superchargers running along the major highways. Gas stations didn’t pop up instantly when Henry Ford mass-produced the Model T. It took time and I’m excited for what Tesla will offer in the future. In fact, one of the salesman drove from Portland to Banff in his Model S!

Yes, he had to stop and charge up which made the drive from 14 hours to ~2 days but if you’re not in a hurry, that’s pretty impressive.

Elon Musk is definitely changing the game of transportation and I want to see him succeed!

After more wandering and splurging at the Woodburn Outlet Mall (no pics of that because outlet), we finished at ~10PM and were looking for some late-night eats. In comes Biwa:


215 SE 9th Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97214

Like always, we always go big or go home so here we go!

The dishes that were worth nothing are the chicken heart and liver:


It was charred just right and the flavors just brought me back from when I had huromonyaki in Japan. The sauce was a tad sweet, which was perfect for this setup. Coupled with my black pepper soda, I was in foodie heaven:


Biwa is a straight up late night eatery but you won’t find any Lumberjack Slam here. It’s a great place to get your night started or to revive yourself for round two!


Simple as that.

– Don


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