#PDX Autumn Foodie Tour: Taqueria Y Panaderia Santa Cruz & Laurelhurst Market

Like always, I save the best for last.

It’s our last day in Portland and while people in Calgary are cutting up their turkey slices, we are enjoying downtown Portland more and more:

For our last day, I thought I’d treat the family to something more simple and drove north across the beautiful St. John’s Bridge (not my picture):

Waiting for us on the other side was the historical neighborhood of St John’s, which housed a Mexican taqueria (taco shop) and panaderia (bakery), called Taqueria Y Panaderia Santa Cruz:


Taqueria Y Panaderia Santa Cruz
8630 N Lombard St, Portland, OR 97203

It’s a mix of bakery, general store, and taco shop (which is located in the back) and they offer a lot of things in store:


We enjoyed a sampler of fresh, authentic tacos and various knick-knacks around:




At $1/taco, we just went all out and ordered everything on the menu. It was delicious tacos and my chile relleno, which is like a pepper omelet, was filling to the core.

I love the pollo taco (chicken) the most! Zest of lime and some tamarind soda…



The general store gave you a family, old-fashioned vibe and we loved the paper lanterns hanging:


The one thing that I saw that blew my mind was this particular flavor of popsicle:



That’s right. It was a cucumber-chili popsicle.

If you’ve ever had a wasabi ice cream cone, it’s exactly like that. If not, it’s an odd sensation of cool, refreshing feeling provided by the ice and the cucumber but then spiciness sneaks in from the back thanks to the chili flavor.

You have to try it once in your life!

After that delightful lunch, we strolled around historic St. John’s and enjoyed more Portland’s picturesque atmosphere:




With the sun setting and our time fleeting away, reality is setting in and we realized that we must have Thanksgiving dinner before our drive back. What trumps turkey?


Every. Damn. Time.

So we went to a restaurant that has a butcher shop in-house! Why, Laurelhurst Market, of course!:


Laurelhurst Market
3155 E. Burnside, Portland OR 97214

WP_20131013_043I didn’t know what Scrapple was but I want it.



Meanwhile, my brother ordered steak tartare:


Another Portland-style of steakhouse that focuses on simplicity of food and figuring out ways to enhance it with a supporting cast of greens, cheeses, and spices.

I know the latter part was picture-light but the atmosphere was dark so it was hard for me to get photos but Laurelhurst is a great place to get your cuts of meat and perhaps enjoy one yourself before you head on home, even if your home was thousands of kilometers away šŸ˜‰


Till next time!

– Don


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