Returning to #PDX!

Portland, #PDX… I’m coming back!

I loved your city so much the last time I visited, I thought I’d come back to find more unconquered foodie finds! I’m hoping my fellow foodie bloggers can help me seize the day in Oregon and recommend some must-eat destinations in the ‘City of Roses’.

Take a look at my earlier blog about Portland above and let me know what else I missed. I’m sure I barely made a dent so help me leave my mark in Portland and conquer it, Commando-style!

I’m using this great article from as a basis for my return but I’m always up for recommendations for hidden-gems.

Just hit me with a response and let’s get this thing rolling!

– Don


Thanks for the image of the White Stag!


4 Replies to “Returning to #PDX!”

  1. Bollywood Theater is awesome. So is Ava Genes, Ox and Smallwares. If you do breakfast Country Cat is a sure thing — just be prepared to wait. But their biscuits are unreal. If you have the time to travel a bit to the suburbs Yuzu in Beaverton is crazy good Japanese food. Not sushi but ramen, pork stomach, fried chicken. So good. But get there when they open or you won’t get in. Eat well!

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