Memoirs of a Gaijin: Sights of Hiroshima

Now this is a bit different from the other posts because for me, I found it a bit morbid that Hiroshima’s tourist attraction involved mass casualties, but the sad reality is that it’s true.

People go there to see what the past did to these people and for me, it was a must visit to never forget what happened on August 6, 1945 at 0815. You need to visit the Peace Memorial Museum and just process the sheer magnitude of devastation that the atomic bomb created. You’ve read it in textbooks, learnt about it in school but it’s totally different when you see the destruction first-hand:

It’s time for a little culture shock.

– Don


4 Replies to “Memoirs of a Gaijin: Sights of Hiroshima”

  1. Ironical how you talk about “never forget” and “textbooks”, while the Japanese themselves are trying to forget everything about WW2 except the atomic bombings, and are adjusting their textbooks to fit with that view…

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