Geetings from Osaka!

So I’ll be commencing my series, Memoirs of a Gaijin, for this Japanese adventure when I return back to Canada but for now, I’m enjoying the sights and sounds of Osaka.

After an eventful trip with my buddy in Tokyo and their many(!) districts, it’s time for a new chapter in Osaka and right off the bat, I can feel the difference in atmosphere between Tokyo and Osaka.
Osaka to me, seems more influenced with Western culture than Tokyo and I initially thought it was the other way around.

Am I crazy? Maybe I’m just food-deprived (HOW?!) but it just seems like it…

I just opened the hotel window and the smell of ramen engulfed the place,

IMG_4038Bonus points if you can guess where I am based on this picture!

My posts for now won’t be detailed as I have to shuffle through so many pictures! Gomenasai!

Anywhos, I’m always up to meet fellow travelers who are conveniently nearby! We’ll be:

– Osaka from 9th-14th
– Kyoto from 14-15th
– Hiroshima on 16th
– Kobe on 17th

As I become immersed in Japanese culture and pronunciation, I find Japanese an easy language to learn. You just have to remember to be strong in your vowels and say it choppy. I might take up Japanese lessons after this!

For now, I’ll leave you with phrases that I’ve learnt in Japanese so far which are proving to be quite useful:

Suminasen (Either ‘excuse me’ when shuffling around the big crowd or to get someone’s attention)
– Gomenasai (Sorry!)
Ohayou gozaimasu (Good morning)
Konichiwa gozaimasu (Good afternoon)
Konbanwa gozaimasu (Good evening)
Arigato gozaimasu (Thank you!)
Hai (Yes)
Iie (No and you make an ‘X’ with your hands to emphasize)
Ryoshusho o onegaishimasu (Receipt, please)
– Nihongo/Iiego (Japanese/English)
Oishi! (Delicious!)
– ____ gozaimasu (Polite way of saying things)

– Don


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