Besides traveling, one of my many obsessions is cars. I love driving and it plays a big part in my life. As you can see, several of my travels involve a vehicle of some sort and it has helped me see the world around me.

The car that joins me in this adventure is my very own 2013 Volkswagen Golf R:

IMG_3007 SMYes, that is my plate. Mmm, dat ass.

I’ll post something about CPTNSLW from inception to how she is currently (I’ll update this post with a link!) but for now, here are some shots I took with my brother and a couple of my friends a while ago up on the mountains (finally had time to upload these):


First up is my brother’s 1997 Acura Integra that he has slammed to the ground and made it his own. As you can see, it has quite a unique presence and that stupid titanium exhaust he put in made sure you heard him from blocks away. Facepalm. That’s okay because I still love him! At least you know its him when he drives by.



These are Duckie’s Subaru Impreza GC8 coupe and Kris’ Infiniti G37x, respectively. That Subaru’s centre console lit up like a Christmas tree going down the mountain lol. Check Engine Light FTW! And while it looks massive, that G37’s V6 has oomph to get it up and going.

IMG_3000 SM

Next, we have Rich’s supercharged Toyota Yaris. You read that right; supercharged. <5 has this setup and he’s one of them. Quick little bugger!

IMG_2985 SM

Last but not least, this is Bicky’s Hyundai Genesis Coupe. Those dark rims are a pain in the ass to take photos off because it has a tendency to blend in with the shadows or the tires. This took many attempts but totally worth it!

Now, it’s not a personal blog without whoring my own car (lol!):

IMG_3009 SM

IMG_3005 SM

IMG_3003 SM

I was able to secure a nice location for this shoot and to get back in the photography game. I’ve left my hobby alone for way too long and getting back behind the lens is such a good feeling. So good that I’m tempted to revive my Flickr account!

Any recommendations and thoughts on how to improve? I’ve also just started using Lightroom 5 from 2.3 and it’s WAY different so I’m still getting used to the new tricks that Adobe has put up.


The Troublemakers.


One of these things is not like other… One of these things just doesn’t belong.

Now you’re probably wondering about the post title. Well, it has some substance to it. Touge (toe-gay) is the art of Japanese mountain racing (just Youtube ‘touge’ and you’ll get awesome results, trust me). It means “pass” in Japanese and check the Wikipedia for its’ full definition.

So why ‘touge’? Well, this was a full day event and we had to enjoy the day somehow. After our photoshoot, we had a nice barbecue and finished the day with a video (synchronized with cheesy music) for all of you to enjoy. True racing enthusiasts will appreciate the soundtrack:

Hope you enjoyed our lame attempt at touge Drive safe!

– Don


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