Portland Foodie-Goodie Part II: The Grotto & The Saturday Market

To continue on our foodie adventure, we stopped by The Grotto, a 62-acre Catholic sanctuary to have a collect ourselves and have a moment with the Man above:


They have places of worship for different saints and even a life-size walkthrough of the Stations of the Cross:

IMG_2899  IMG_2888

After reminding ourselves how blessed we are to be able to have this opportunity, we come down from The Grotto and there was a legion of Ford Model T’s, just hanging around:


The day had just begun and my parents saw a pamphlet at our hotel for the Portland Saturday Market.

IMG_2911 IMG_2915

It was a weekend event that is like an art/food collective where it’s an opportunity to try new things and buy unique trinkets. I got peckish so I went to a trusty shawarma (donair) to start things off:

WP_20130518_003 WP_20130518_002

I got myself a beef donair and while generous (I shared with my dad since it was so damn big), it wasn’t tasty enough to differentiate itself and make it memorable. It was a 6/10.

As I tried consuming my half though, I checked out various exhibits and it showed the talent that Portland had. This place had a smorgasbord of talented carpenters, photographers, metalsmiths, etc. The creativity was endless!

There was also a cool bug collector that was selling various specimens and I really(!) wanted to buy his giant tarantula but I was afraid of what Canadian Customs would say, so I reluctantly hesitated.

I then saw this great exhibit from a talented woman named Sienna Morris, whose artwork was primarily composed of in what she calls, the ‘Numberism’ technique. I was very impressed with it that I bought several works from her and walked out a happy guy! Check her work out. Seriously.

While they have various vendors to choose from, there’s just so many people and so little space to eat around that you should focus on ‘pocket food’.

I’d check them out early because parking gets pretty crazy as the day goes on. FYI, their downtown parking is CHEAP! Funny story about that: I was lining up behind a family who was shocked at the pricing,

“$8 all day?! What a rip-off!”

“Try paying $25 a day. $8 is a steal!”, I said.

I then explained to her how Calgary has the second highest downtown parking fees in North America.

Oh Portland, how I love ya. 🙂


Click me for Part III as we’ll be divulging in the plethora of downtown food carts, devour smokey goodness, and enjoy some Southern hospitality!

– Don


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