Picture-tastic Post of My Trip!

Alas, I am back to reality in good ol’ Canada but still trying to beat jetlag. To help me, I’m uploading the best photos I took during my vacation only using a Nokia Lumia 920.

I’m actually impressed with this phone even more because it did majority of shots I wanted to do and I didn’t have to lug heavy equipment with me (even though I brought my Canon G10 with me. Rookie mistake).

So here’s the gallery of photos for you to enjoy, which will include:

– The delicious meals I was able to experience- Why traffic is prevalent in the Philippines (mostly stupid U-turn slots and jeepney’s; Wrote something about it actually.)
– Island hopping in the Philippines
– Christmas and New Years’ Eve in Philippines
– Some ‘Engrish’ signs
– How I found out I’m related to a national hero (another article too!)
– Trip to a wildlife sanctuary in Australia
– My epic sightseeing tour of New South Wales, Australia which involved various modes of public transportation; from bus to the train to the ferry, I did it all!)

– Don


3 Replies to “Picture-tastic Post of My Trip!”

  1. I found your blog through A Word in Your Ear – love this picture collage! My blog is more of a healthy living, but I travel a lot for work so that’s sprinkled in πŸ™‚
    Safe travels!

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