Educate Yourself: Australia

As my adventure continues, life brings me ‘down under’ to Australia. My primary goal in visiting was to meet cousins for the first time and it was such a great outing with them! We got along pretty quickly and they taught me many things about this great country/continent of yours that I love about Australians:

Slangs (Yes, there are many more but these are the ones that stood out):

Also known as a ‘pharmacy’. What do you call a chemist, a person who studied chemistry, then?

The Australian equivalent of hicks and rednecks.

Central Business District (CBD)
Their term for “downtown”

“Lads”/Gabber Music


“Wogs” (Guido-hybrid)

Right. Carrying on.

“Macca’s” (mah-kiz)
For some reason, they call McDonald’s here “Macca’s” and the company even acknowledges it in their advertisements! Their Aussie Menu proudly mentions it and I absolutely adore it.

Aussie Kiss
It’s like the French Kiss but ‘down under’ πŸ˜‰

I don’t know why Canada didn’t pick this up from the British but they are primarily roundabouts all over the suburbs; no 4-way stops or whatnot. Very efficient and cheap way of getting people around intersections. I like that.

The Accent
My cousins gave me tips on how to speak Australian or should I say, “‘Stralian?” If you elongate the second syllable and pronounce ‘e”s softly (i.e. “beach” would be “beh-each”), you only slightly butchered the accent. I try but I still get laughed at.

Australian Dollar
I don’t know what you all put in the soil but man, your dollar is worth a lot vs. the Canadian dollar. Also, can someone explain to me why your higher valued coins (i.e. 1 or 2 dollar) are smaller than your lower valued coins (50c or 20c)? Check this Wikipedia link to know what I’m referring to.

The ‘Ute’


Anywhos, I’ll show more of Australia when I head back to Canada and get all of the photos organized and uploaded.

I’ve been everywhere for the past week and covered a lot of ground around Sydney CBD.

For now, if you are a local reader and have any recommendations of great places to eat, tweet me please or reply!


– Don


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