The Adventure Begins!

YYC Airport 12-13-12

So here I am, getting myself ready and looking for some cheap flights from Manila to Hong Kong or Singapore. So far, I’m finding Air Asia to be a contender. Tiger is also another low-cost airline that is looking quite competitive for Asian flights.

At the Calgary airport, there are some very neat things around here. You can tell that technology is rapidly growing when a hologram is talking to you, trying to sell you Scotiabank credit cards. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!:

I just realized that this will be the first time I’ll be traveling by myself for pleasure. I’ve traveled solo for work before and traveled around the world with friends, family, and schoolmates. There was also this one time at band trip but not by myself.

This experience is going to be interesting and I’m just wondering what stuff I can pull off while by myself.

One thing I wish is that I don’t sit next to a baby for the next 12-14 hours on the flight to Asia. -_-”

Time to occupy myself with some movies. Netflix, you are totally worth the $8/month!

– Don

YVR Airport 12132012
2003 Local Time

Just landed at Vancouver International and I totally forgot how big this place this. The YYC-YVR Air Canada flight was fully booked so I had to stow my backpack underneath, cutting any legroom I had. My 4 hour layover (yes, 4 hour waiting time) connecting flight to Manila is ALL the way on the other side of the airport, forcing me to pass through many duty-free shops that I can only visually afford in my head.

With my 20 lbs. backpack, it’s a good thing I did some resistance training to keep going! Now I know Vancouver is known for fresh seafood and great sushi but for some reason, I see no good ones open in the airport! I have to play it safe and head on over to Milestones.

Since I have the opportunity to look around more carefully, I see how aesthetically great Vancouver airport looks compared to Calgary; it’s more artistic and less utilitarian. YYC Airport looks like a box compared to this place:

I’m really hoping Calgary steps up and do some redecorating when the expansion is done and completed.

So I mentioned earlier that there’s a lot of duty-free shops along the way but as usual, I have a feeling that I get ‘the look’ whenever I go into one of these places. You know what I’m talking about; ‘the look’. The look where I don’t belong in this place and that I should be holding someone’s bag instead of a customer.

I get a hint of snobbery as I walk and look around the place, dressed in my track pants and Dri-Fit shirt. I was looking at the Mont Blanc watches they have on display to see how they compare to Calgary prices, especially a Timewalker that I’m saving for(!), and not once did the sales attendant come by to help me out. I guess People Magazine was more interesting than me.

I don’t blame them; Princess Kate is having a baby. No other human in the world has had a baby, let alone a royal one, so she needs to be on the front page.

Eventually, I did ask for help and she was nonchalantly able to help me out on the display as I gawk at the Timewalker (cheaper by $200. Tempting!). However, she kept eying my $20 digital watch as I held a $5k+ watch. I wasn’t going to run with it; where would I go!? Also, I was heading to Asia. I will not bring my usual gear on those streets! Be discreet, enjoy the street.

Aiya… I had to let it go as it is not her time yet to be with me. Now, let’s see what I can pull off here at YVR.

I wonder if I can become a chance passenger for first-class. I could use a comfortable 14 hour flight…

Time to see if I got skills or if I’m way over my head here.

Update: Checked in and alas, I tried but no cigar. She said she wanted to but she can’t because they ‘changed the software’ even if I wanted to buy first-class. At least I got my frequent flyer miles topped up. Redemption!

I also like how my computer is acting up right now. Just when I need it the most! >.<”

I’ll try my best to get my mobile pics edited in this post while I try and watch a movie on this POS.

0800 Local Time

Here I am in lovely Philippines! I was able to upgrade my seat to the bulkhead area so I had maximum legroom but apparently, my Philippine Airlines flight was with the old fleet so it was such a bad flight overall. Everything is so dated… It was exactly the way I remembered it 4-5 years ago; not a good sign for a technologically-conscious world:

Palm tree motif? I think the last time this plane was called ‘technologically advanced’, the Soviet Union was still a country.

Now,onto the upgrade. So for a small fee, my cramped seat went from this…

To this…

Not bad at all! Food on the other hand…

YUUUUP; nothing special to see here. Was the upgrade worth it though?

Legroom + own table? Yeah, I’d say so.

But I am here, safe and sound. Let’s get cracking! =D

– Don


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