Commando Knows: Asia (Sort of.)

In about two weeks time, I’ll be starting my lifetime commitment to myself of traveling as much as I can and see if I can pencil down some of the things on my bucket list. Just to keep myself in check, I do have my bucket list saved on my phone so that I can keep track of what I’ve done and mark down ones I’ve already accomplished in real-time!

This is my version of ‘finding myself’ after high school but the differences are:

– I have found myself
– I already know what I want to do in life
– I can now live comfortably and achieve those goals

First things first is, I have to prep myself for this trip. So I’ll be venturing on to the Philippines, which will be my ‘hub’ around Asia and then hopefully, I’ll be able to go to either Hong Kong and/or Singapore. Then, I’m off to Australia for a week to visit my cousins in Sydney and then back to normalcy.

I’ve scavenged the vast realms of the internet and discovered many things; some I’m not proud of. Through it though, I did find some neat and interesting things to do while I’m backpacking:

That’s not one of them.

1. Beach hopping

One of the fail-safe things to do in Asia is beach-hopping. That is, to enjoy the sun and soak up the relaxation. It’s time for me to drop the emails, temporarily forget about earned value management and see if a snapping turtle will fight back if I poke it many times.
It’s time to build sand-castles, meet some new people, and just have fun with life!

2. Eat!


Asia is known for its bizarre and eclectic cuisine and it’s time for me to fully embrace it. How? By learning the style! I’ll try my best to cook as much authentic dishes as I can and record them for my recollection and for your viewing pleasure!

Here’s to not losing a finger.

3. Make Memories

That’s me just a month ago.

While it’s nice to remember the good times, it’s time to make new ones and make an even better impression in life. It’s time to just let loose and do things that you couldn’t, wouldn’t or shouldn’t do.

In fact, I don’t even remember having fun doing manual labour. Or even getting health insurance for this. I digress.

Having the Essentials
With a month to make memories, you have to be bringing the right gear (other than the usual clothes, of course):


– Netbook for movies and blogging
– GoPro Hero for stupid things in HD
– HD camcorder for less stupider things in HD
– Canon G10 for hipster things in HD
– SD cards to remember all of these silly things
– Walking stick/monopod for the lazy photographer in you!

And to carry this all is through my bespoke backpack from Etsy.

Made by Rusty Zylstra from Mercy Leather, my trusty travel pack has been months in the making through various designs and consultations.

I had a vision; he made it into a reality. I had criteria on what the backpack should be; beautifully complied.

I’m a sucker for custom things.

This commitment is special to me so it deserves nothing but the best. This is why people work hard; to achieve goals.

Which leaves me to this…

Have a goal in life and not only achieve it; conquer it. Life is what you make of it. Live it on your terms and nobody else’s.

As for all of you, do you have recommendations for me to do? Or what are some things that’s keeping you (or kept you) from doing certain things?

Keep following my adventures and have a pleasant tomorrow!

– Don


2 Replies to “Commando Knows: Asia (Sort of.)”

  1. STOKED for you cuz!

    And the fact that saying this won’t stop you will not stop me from saying this: please try not to post my shenanigans on your blog.

    That’s what my blog is for!

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