My Bucket List

Since I’ll have this blog as my ‘hub’, I thought I’d share my bucket list of things-to-do before I hit the bricks.
I don’t expect to hit them all but if I get most of these ticked off, I’ll be a happy camper:

1. Tell my grandparents I graduated from university (Nov. 2011)
2. Solve a crossword puzzle without any help

3. Jump off a waterfall (Mexico 2011)

4. Skydive in Hawaii
5. Learn how to golf and shoot 80 or less
6. Visit ever single continent INCLUDING Antarctica
7. See the 7 Wonders of the World:
– Chichen Itza
– Christ Redeemer, Brazil
– Great Wall of China
– Machu Picchu
– Petra, Jordan
– Roman Colosseum
– Taj Mahal
8. Visit Stonehenge
9. Be a part of the Top Gear audience
10. Be an extra in a TV show/movie
11. Go to Monaco in a tuxedo
12. Get a shutout in hockey (April 29, 2012)
13. Learn how to skate
14. See an F1 race in person
15. See the Northern Lights
16. Go on a roadtrip with my closest friends (Many more for this!)
17. Learn how to scuba dive
18. Explore the Philippines from North to South
19. Visit New York City/Chicago
20. Watch an NHL game in person, in every franchise city
21. Watch an NBA game in person
22. Dine in a Michelin star restaurant (More stars, the better)
23. Learn the rules of American football
24. Participate in Tomatina
25. Drive a supercar
26. Make amends with the people I’ve wronged
27. Learn all my parents’ recipes
28. Learn how to juggle
29. Watch an Olympic event in person
30. Go to a safari
31. Make my own wine
32. Learn an instrument (Trombone; 2007)
33. Start/finish a ‘picture of the day’ collection (2012)
34. Find someone to share my adventures with and marry her
35. Find out how fast my car can go (2004 Mitsubishi Outlander; 181 km/hr.; 2013 Volkswagen Golf R; 235km/hr)
36. Visit the Eiffel Tower
37. Visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa
38. Try out kayaking (2009)
39. Revisit the place that almost killed me
40. See a WWE wrestling event in person

41. Accurately shoot an apple off of someone’s head
42. Win a photo contest
43. Donate blood
44. Read the Sherlock Holmes collection
45. Hug my parents as much as I can
46. Go camping and enjoy it for once
47. Visit Easter Island
48. Ride the Chunnel train in Europe
49. Experience the bullet train in Japan
50. Find what really makes you happy
51. Buy a house
52. Go climbing (Grouse Grind 2010)

53. Go on a cruise
54. Built a tree fort
55. Visit cousins I haven’t met before in Australia
56. Taste authentic Japanese sushi
57. Try Fugu
58. Sleep overnight in a haunted house
59. Brighten a stranger’s day
60. See a PGA event
61. Try out fencing
62. Never be afraid to fail
63. Learn sign language
64. Ride in a hot-air balloon
65. Ride VIA Rail across Canada
66. See a kangaroo
67. Live life your way and not by others
68. Go whitewater rafting
69. Visit the Vatican
70. See as much as the Middle East as I can
71. Watch sumo wrestling in Japan
72. Attend Japanese wrestling event
73. Drink in Oktoberfest
74. Go to Mardi Gras
75. Learn to sculpt
76. Go stargazing
77. Take a chance and have no regrets
78. Cook a three-course meal for someone
79. Plant a tree
80. Touch the Stanley Cup
81. Eat a meal prepared by Chef Gordon Ramsey
82. Have a week to myself without interruptions
83. Experience the Amish life
84. Eat a meal from an Iron Chef
85. Watch every single episode of Iron Chef Japan
86. Buy gold in the UAE
87. Ride a camel in Egypt
88. Have Moroccan tea in Morocco
89. Constantly try out all kinds of cuisine, including exotic meals
90. Meet Rowan Atkinson
91. Go to the airport and become a chance passenger on a flight
92. Achieve zero debt
93. Learn horseback
94. Visit Pompeii
95. Sew a suit
96. Learn Cantonese
97. Drive and never caring where you end up
98. Move to another country
99. Go island hopping in the Caribbean
100.Join a yacht party


Thanks for reading! Leave a thought and we'll discuss. =)

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